Full Version: A good free stock video site for marketing
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Here's a really good free stock video site I recently ran across that you should add to your bookmarks called It doesn't have a lot of videos, but it has a very good license and it has what I'll call "collections" which are multiple videos about the same scene. Instead of just a close up of a person, you also may have that person drinking coffee and scrolling a screen.

With a little creativity, you can piece them together to help tell a story.
They mix in a lot of videos from the ShutterStock affiliate program, so just pay attention to the videos you click on. Smile Then look out for "collections" while you browse and brainstorm. - Their license.
Note, they prohibit the use of "People's images if they are recognizable in the Videos". While other sites don't state this, it's probably wise to always respect this point unless you specifically have a signed model release for both videos and photos. You can be creative and crop or enlarge, so the face is partly out of the frame, etc., so faces aren't recognizable.