Full Version: A couple of free content tools
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Side View
Opens a second tab in the same browser window. You can watch Youtube videos while you have your Twitter feed open. Smile

In the image below I have both Rytr open on the left and the Content Silo open on the right. This makes it easy to copy/paste from one to another.
[Image: SideView.jpg]
Scribe How

Scribe makes creating how to guides super easy. There's a free version that offers a Chrome plugin only and paid levels with desktop software. This tool has truly unlimited possibilities to create "how to" content, including PDFs and videos.
Check out this 1:28 video to get a quick idea of many ways this can be used:

Scribe is the coolest thing ever! I have so many ideas for this. Thank you.
(05-28-2022, 08:18 PM)BobKa Wrote: [ -> ]Scribe is the coolest thing ever! I have so many ideas for this. Thank you.

I just made this use Scribe How. It shows how to use a new video making app from Microsoft to create pretty good text to voice audio for for free.

The whole thing took me 15-20 minutes. I'll post more about the text to speech on another thread, but wanted to give a quick example of what can be done. If you create content, Scribe How is a must have.

I used the free version, which is great, but I'm seriously considering getting a month of PRO for $29 and cranking out as many of these as I can.