Full Version: Do this instead of Don’t start a niche site… here’s what to do instead...
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It isn't that I disagree with a lot in this video and it includes some really good info. Instead, I think it's incomplete and doesn't consider all the options. I'm not saying his way doesn't work. Only that it isn't the only way that works and he leaves out some important options.

1:23 The BIG omission in his reasoning is that you can only have a single niche site. You can have more than one small niche site, which eliminates/reduces the concerns.

IMO, the ULTIMATE SEO/niche strategy is the minimal viable product concept in marketing. For us, this means creating a number of niche sites, based on solid keyword research, as quickly as possible and then focus on the sites that are getting the best results.

Testing is marketing in it's purest form and IMO you can test a lot better and a lot faster with multiple niche sites.

2:33 Creating a site around your "identity" has an important consideration, which is for maximum income potential you need to be able to sell a site without it being attached to you personally. I stopped developing because I'd never sell it. You can still build a site around your identity, just plan for the day when you may sell it.

4:00 Again, you can have multiple sites for multiple niches. Get the keyword knowledge and start with the understanding that you will get better over time and you can change everything except domain names and URLs.

6:40 It isn't that he's wrong, I just have a different opinion that curiosity, good research skills, solid work ethic and "consistent persistence" are the most important skills and traits.

8:00 Market - I agree to use research to find the best content to create and products to sell.

9:44 use my "Pheed Keywords" to ID niches BEFORE building niche sites.

11:05 Good point about "leverage". I call them assets, and one of the most effective is buying domain names with existing links and traffic. But you need multiple niche sites to take best advantage.

12:10 Let the niches (keywords) choose you.

12:55 "You start to see there is opportunity everywhere". Yes, that's my point about multiple niche sites.

14:00 I agree with what makes a good niche. I also think it's better to approach this with multiple niche sites as MVPs to see which work first.

22:40 He addresses using his own name as the domain name. I don't think this is a good strategy and that passive income is great, but a lump sum now can also be great.

One Site
  • Easier to maintain/move
  • Possibly cheaper hosting
  • Only pay for one domain name
  • All linking goes to one site <= Biggie

Multiple Sites
  • Cashflow - Cashflow may be the most underrated aspect of business. While passive SEO income is great over the long can (and probably will) take a few months to get ranked and traffic. Then, and if, you make enough affiliate sales to meet minimal payout, you'll actually get paid a couple of months later.
  • Domain names themselves can be assets. While domaining is a skill, IMO it's the skill with the best "easy to learn with good return on investment" ratio.
  • Each developed site is an individual asset that can be sold or traded.
  • Available domain names can have existing links and even traffic. If you are going to fully benefit from Google traffic, as recommended in this video, then you shouldn't ignore this important advantage.
  • If you're planning to eventually be a big authority-type site, then install WordPress. But with small niche sites you can build them with simple HTML and only AFTER a site starts getting traffic THEN install WP.

Who do you agree with more and what basic strategy do you use and recommend?