Full Version: How to do link outreach without reaching out
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Here's a really easy and effective way to get links. First, the bad news. It can take a little time to get results and is better for pages that have at least a little bit of presence in Google.

The good news is, it doesn't really take any work. It's more about planning and looking for opportunities when they come to you. Here's the key: Create a page about the 13 best sites for _______ .

Over time you will get SEOers/Linkers reaching out to you to add their site to your page. Do a google to see which pages are indexed and can offer you relevancy and offer to do a link swap. With a little research of their site, you should be able to get a good value link back.

Don't be afraid of swapping links with good, relevant sites in your niche.

This method probably isn't a major difference maker. Just plan on being spammed. There's also a number of other website owners reaching out to network with you. Try using email filters for words like link, article, guest post, your domain names etc.