Full Version: Domain name hack - how to find domains with click thru traffic potential
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You may see some domain name marketers recommend domain names with potential click through traffic. The idea is that some people type in the keywords + .com into their browser window, resulting in them being taken directly to the domain name, if there is one.

You don't need experts to find these for you and you can probably find even better domains. They generally use recently expired domains for their research. This is a good strategy and can have other benefits like having some established links.

But...expired domains are actually a small fraction of the available domain names because a lot of good names were never registered to begin with. This method lets you check all available domain names, not just those that were deleted/expired.

The expert suggestions are good in they are presented to you and you don't need any creative thinking or work on our part. On the other hand, doing the "elbow grease" really is pretty easy and lets you find domains no one else will. The "secret" is to simply come up with a good starter "pheed" keyword to give to your research tool. There's 1000s of th

Quick Start:
  • In your favorite keyword tool enter a general keyword
  • Filter the results so that only keywords with 10,000+ searches/month are included
  • Paste filtered keyword data into Excel
  • Copy/paste keywords only into a text editor, remove blank spaces and suffix every keyword with .com
  • Check list for domain names for availability and paste available into Excel.

Some of these keywords will be pasted twice into Excel. These keywords will have two rows and will be the keywords that are available. Sort by the column with the keywords. This lets us see which keywords are available along with the keyword research data.


Research based on number of searches - Filter the keywords for 10,000 searches MINIMUM. You'll probably need at least 10,000 searches per month to get a few actual type-in visitors, and probably want/need a lot more than 10,000 searches. There are other factors such as the value/PPC estimates of the keywords to consider.

Research based on Keyword SEO Metrics - Another benefit of this method is to find keyword based domain names that may give you an edge. Keyword research isn't just for content, you can run your keyword lists based on research to check for available domains. Is there any keyword data based domains that may give you an edge?

Watch out for trademarks, brand names for domain names. You can write articles and name pages using them, but never in a domain name.

Research the best keywords and convert them into domain names to see which, if any, are available.
I bought a domain name with 222,000 searches per month for the keyword and redirected it to a related ClickBank offer. If I remember, I'll try to post an update if it gets any clicks or sales over time. I'd post the domain name but don't want clicks on the link that will mess up the stats.