Full Version: And the winner of My All-Time Favorite SEO metric is...
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If I had to choose a single SEO metric as my would the allintitle. Allintitle means all the keywords need to be in the title tag of the web page.

This is far from perfect, but so is every other single stat.

The allintitle is like a "poker read" and tells us how many webpages were optimized for that keyword phrases. Putting your main keywords in the page title is RULE NUMBER ONE in SEO and is the most fundamental aspect of on-page SEO.

It is easy to calculate and report accurately, unlike a number of other common SEO metrics, which are often just guestimates.

Where allintitle becomes especially important is for low competition keywords. If a keyword is competitive, and the number of competing sites using the allintitle is in the 1000's, it really doesn't mean much. But if there aren't any other sites using all the keywords in a phrase in the page titles, you probably have a big advantage if you do. And if there's only a few other sites with the keyword phrases allintitle, you very likely have a betterĀ  chance of ranking well than if there are 25,000 other pages using the same keywords in their page titles.

Of course, you also need traffic and the traffic needs to have some value. But IMO a potent strategy is to sort your keywords by allintitle and then look to see if any meet your minimum traffic and value requirements...and can you create a bit of content for that keyword phrase that's better than the pages that are at the top of the SERPs for that keyword phase?