Full Version: Easy and free way to set up a social marketing network with great content
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This is a really good idea if you have an interest or hobby in a fairly popular niche, which is to set up a system that easily and effectively broadcasts your favorite content to as many people as possible.

You can use the free version of IFTTT for things like:

Automatically share Youtube videos that you like to Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook. Let's say you like rap music...every video you like you can have IFTTT share it to your FB page, Twitter feed and Tumblr blog. All you have to do is set it up then literally just click a button to share your favorite, hand-selected content across social media.

Here's some more ideas using Youtube likes and IFTTT:

You an also hook things up so you use a Wordpress blog and/or a particular social account to use as a social "central station". Set up IFTTT so that ANYTHING you post on your Facebook page is also posted on Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Think about these big sites that let you have friends and followers like Facebook and Twitter, etc. Getting quality content on these sites is actually really easy if you put in the investment of "upfront effort". Then focus on building your audiences on the platforms that look the best for you.

IFTTT and other similiar tools aren't limited to syndicating content. They can do a lot more things to help your business and marketing you should check out.
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