Full Version: Want to know a really easy and effective way to find niches?
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We'll start with Amazon Nodes. You can also find a link to it from the Content Silo page see the link in the head of every forum page.

Browse through the nodes, which are really product categories, and pretty much each node is a "niche".

Forget about the advice of "solving a problem". Not that it's a bad strategy, it that it's very limited. Once you fix someone's hemorrhoids issue, what's next?

Instead, look for niches that people keep buying things. Like photography, travel, fishing, camping...and many of the niches listed as nodes. Also look in the industrial nodes for products that businesses may buy in quantities. For example, Mom may want a set of 6 matching drinking glasses in a single order. A bar may want 600 drinking glasses in a single purchase.

Collect the all the products and categories listed for related nodes that you can. Use these lists of names as keywords in your keyword research and domain name tools to find the best available opportunities.

Create content around your research, knowing that you have built-in revenue streams. AI writers are really good at this kind of thing.