Full Version: How to get an hour of quality AI text to speech for free
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In another thread I posted about Replica being a good AI text to speech tool to check out. I just noticed that if you use my Refer a Friend link you get an additional 30 minutes for free when starting out for a total of 60 minutes for free and I get 30 minutes for free.

First the bad...they don't have many controls over the text. Also, they only have about 25 voices. And their pricing after your trial runs out is a little high at $24 for 4 hours of recording, which is $6 an hour...or 10 cents a minute for those of us doing Youtube shorts. [Image: smile.png]

Of the 25 voices most are just OK.

However, there's a few voices in there that are the best I've heard.

While there aren't many controls, this makes Replica really easy to learn and use. One feature I like a lot is it lets you download the audio either as one big file or split into multiple files. Multiple files is PERFECT for what I do with video and PowerPoint.

Also, the multiple files option is great if you're creating animated character videos, like CrazyTalk Pro.

While the pricing is a little high, it's more "accurate" to pay per hour. With some others like LOVO you get 20-100 downloads, with each download limited to 15,000 characters. What if you only need to use 1200 characters? Is that a full download on LOVO? With Replica you only pay for what you actually use. - Sign up to get a free hour while you can and see if it works for you.
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Here's something cool I've been playing around with. It's a site that "translates" a lot of different things called LingoJam.

For example, you can type in some text and it can "translate" it to things like:
pirate talk
Ed Flanders talk
Shakespeare talk

Here's a link to Google results for the LingoJam site finding pages containing "English to""english+to"

Some of these work really well with Replica Studios AI voices when you need different voice characters and personalities for your audio and video projects. <= Use My Refer A Friend Link You Get An Additional 30 Minutes For Free When Starting Out For A Total Of 60 Minutes For Free And I Get 30 Minutes For Free.