Full Version: AI Writers and Timesaving Ideas for Content Marketing
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There's a lot of different types of content online. Let's generally talk about articles for creating content on blogs and sites.

I like to think of content in two terms:
  1. Good, non-spammy content to post on other sites for traffic and linking purposes.

  2. My best content for my own sites, blogs, newsletters, etc.

I also like to mix or "stitch" different elements to create long-useful articles. Some of the reason is because of my own attention span and I often find creating in "chunks" easier for me.

With artificial intelligence getting more intelligent, there's another opportunity now for creating "chunks" of content to mix and match to make great articles.

AI writers can be used to write entire articles, but IMO their best use is for writing chunks that you can mix with other content elements to make really good content.

Grandma's Apple Pie - This recipe isn't meant to be exact. You put a pinch of this and a little of that and mix it up, but think about something like this:

1 Take a couple of the best paragraphs of text you got from some quality PLR content you bought. Run them through WordTune to change the words. Add and subtract a sentence here and there.

2 Use one of the free trials from AI writers to create a few paragraphs. Pick and choose the best ones. - Free trial of up to 10,000 words. I'm not sure if that's limited to one project or not? - Free 7 day trial No Credit Card Required.
? - Free trial.
? - Free trial.
? - free 5-day trial
? -   free trial — no credit card required.
? - free trial — no credit card required.  
? - free trial — no credit card required.

3 Use one of the link gathering resources in King of Content private Pheeds forum to generate about a dozen top resources you know people will like based on the KOC methods.

4 Add multi-media like a relevant YouTube video, maybe your own.

5 Write/research a great, original chunk or two.

IMO, the key is to be picky and selective with the PLR and AI content and adding a couple of deeper original content paragraphs or chunks. I think you'll find that PLR and AI is very basic. Coming up with just a few things that aren't basic goes a long way.

For example, let's say you need an article about lions. Most PLR and AI will say things like "they are big cats that live in Africa", not really telling us anything new. But with just a little research using googles like "strange lion facts" I found that lions and all cats have a rare gene so they don't have a sweet tooth like virtually all other mammals.

Let PLR and AI write the basics that need to be included but I suggest just spicing your content up with some non-basic info.