Full Version: Is the yearly deal really cheaper?
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You know how many subscription services offer both monthly and yearly access with a deep discount on the yearly, if you pay at once for all 12 months?

Here's an actual example. I have been a paying premium member of FreePik's in the past. The time I got a deal on the yearly at 50% off so I took it. However, since then I'll occasionally see a special for 20% off the yearly, so...

Using round numbers:

At the special rate, it's about $75 (20% off $99) for a year. The monthly price is $15. So costs twice as much to do monthly vs. yearly.

However, I don't need access to FreePik for an entire year. I only need access to it a month here and there when I'm working on a project or two. It's actually a lot cheaper for me to only get it when I specifically need it.

I also found I'm more productive with the images when I have a limited membership. It's the old "sense of urgency" at work... Smile