Full Version: Using visualizers to make videos
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Here's a quick demo of using a visualizer to create video based on music.

A visualizer is a software or app that takes an image or design and sets it to audio. Being able to make visualizer videos quickly and easily means you can create unique videos for virtually songs, music, podcasts, voice-overs and more.

I use and recommend a program called "Magic Music Visuals". It has a full 30 day free trial then it's $49 after that. Note that I'm NOT affiliated with it in any way, just a happy user.

Also, Magic Music Visuals isn't just for bringing audio to life. It's also a great way to animate all sorts of images and text. You can really do some cool and wild things with it.

Here's the first module of the training posted in the Video ViP Download forum. Video VIP members check out the entire training here:

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[font]Visualizer Software - Magic Music Visuals[/font]

For the video above I used a program called Magic Music Visuals (MMV). MMV has a free demo, then it's $44.95 USD.

The MMV demo has a couple of restrictions:

1. It won't save projects. It will render videos, it just won't let you save any new projects or modifications.

2. After 30 days it adds a watermark to the videos you create.

You only need Magic Studio, the less expensive version ($44.95), unless you plan on using MMV for live events, like if you're doing DJ gigs.

There are a few "tutorials" on Youtube for MMV, but I found them lacking for someone just starting. So I created these training videos to give you a "jump start".
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