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How to Discuss - New Traffic Source for Bloggers and Content Creators - from Mick Meaney

Checkout how to get do and nofollow links

Create a profile link (to an important page of yours)

Some evidence of decent Google authority

Use contextual links in article body

Check latest posts in niche categories for questions you can reply to

Sort by most popular views and look for posts with lots of veiws but few replies
Mick is the man! I never miss his vids.
(11-25-2020, 03:12 AM)Jeffery Wrote: [ -> ]Mick is the man! I never miss his vids.

Good. You've just been drafted to post Mick's best videos with a quick summary. Smile

Seriously...feel free to post his videos. My minor complaint with some of his is the time he spends on the site's traffic stats. I understand why he includes them, just wish it was a little quicker.
Jeffrey are you doing your job Lol?  I could watch them here instead of fumbling through email
to find his links etc.  You guys are funny drafted.  Yeah Kurt i get lost  during traffic stat explanations
I don't know if I'm technically deficient or I just don't care. Probably the later.  And stats do matter
a lot.

Some day I will grow up and be a stats girl