Full Version: Freepik review
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I love

It's by far the best site for POD products like tees and mugs I've found...although you have to modify their images for POD. Be sure to check their license.

I have the premium version, which I highly recommend. Sign up for a free account and in a few days they'll send you a big discount offer for premium. I think it's $47 a year for 100 downloads a day and their graphics are really good.

There's more to Freepik than clipart...check out:

Landing page templates:

Text Effects:

The downside is the images only come in jpg and eps. You'll probably want to use Adobe Illustrator for the eps vectors, but if you have it there's a lot of value at Freepik.
The difference in value between options can be amazing. Comparing Freshstock to Freepik:

FreshStock is $47 a month ($42 with yearly). FP is about the same per year.

Things FP has and FS doesn't...

FP has a lot of free images that only require attribution.

FP has a lot more images.

FP's images tend to be higher quality.

FP allows their images to be used on POD products, with limitations.