Full Version: The Olympics are species-ist
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In the belief the Olympics are species-ist...

In an inter-critter triathlon what animal would you pick to win a race consisting of running a mile, swimming a mile and climbing a 50ft tree? And they have to run, not fly.

I have an animal in mind I think would kick all the other beastly butts...but want to hear a response or two first.

I do think a well conditioned human would do well in this race. I'm worried about felines because they are really poor distance runners. If the race was only 200 yards they'd be harder to beat but would still pick my animal.

What animal do you think is the winner of this triathlon?
(07-17-2020, 04:12 AM)Jeffery Wrote: [ -> ]Rats?

 I thought about some rodents but not sure. Can a a squirrel run in a straight line for a mile? Wink

I don't think monkeys or apes could beat us in this race but they may be able to.

I'm thinking black and brown bears would win this race. I'll give a slight edge to a black bear because they can really climb trees while a brown bear will struggle a bit. They are both good swimmers but I "think" brown bear are better. I would also bet a pizza that a bear would easily beat a human at all three stages.

Where's Claude when you need him? Let's stuff his pockets with ham and cheese sandwiches and see if he can out run, swim and climb a bear. Eating all the sandwiches before the bear catches him disqualifies Claude.