Full Version: I found this and do it too...
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I do this and talk about similar things a lot...

I'm a fan of blues music and have "Liked" some blues related pages/groups on Facebook so they appear on my FB stream.

So I see an image that looks like a video of BB King and Jerry Reed playing together and since I really like both of them, I clicked on the image to play the video.

Instead of the video playing directly, it was an image link that took me to this page:

I've made a lot of similar pages over the decades. Wink

First, it uses SEC (someone else's content).

Notice the tee shirt ad as well as other ads on the page. While this page probably doesn't make a lot of money (if any), it will be more than Youtube would pay and this person didn't have to create the main content.

This person is also in control of this page and can use things like retargeting pixels, email squeeze exit pops, etc.

Then the content on the page is just some basic info about BB King. It isn't "deep" but it isn't spam either. This page isn't about ranking in Google. It's about posting on social media without looking like a spammer.

The basic idea is to find things of interest and when posting on social media, instead of posting a link to Youtube, create a page and link to your page with a little extra added value. This is a great use for quality PLR as well as an opportunity to sell tees and other POD products to a targeted audience.