Full Version: Third party or custom email address?
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What do you use and recommend for your business? For years the "common advice" seemed to be you had to use your own domain name as your email address for branding and because it made you look more professional.

But I think there is a big advantages to using a third party email address that haven't gotten much discussion. I have a number of different web sites for different puposes. Some of them are are the same server.

What if your server/host goes down or you forget to renew an important domain name? Now all your email AND all your sites are down. You've just launched a product and now people can't access their download and can't even contact you for help.

Or you want to sell your domain but you used it for all the site logins and accounts you have?

There are pros and cons to each, it's just I haven't heard much about the benefits of using a 3rd party email.