Full Version: Launch vs. Evergreen Product?
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What are some of the pros and cons of a launch with a definite open/close cart time vs. having a product that is always available?
Interesting subject. One I spoke of in a certain circle this past week.

My own take on the subject is not so much about scaricity to increase a fear of shortage or increase the perceived value to to sell more. Though that is a long true and tested strategy.

Mine is more about a staple produc wherein the price never increases, but has the ocassional incentive of an addon that increases the staple product's value. I'll call it an "addon" for clarity.

Offer the addon in the sales funnel for a limited time. Simply explain all oders will be delivered. Support is limited owed to expected high demand - first come first serve - orders processed in the order thay are received.

It works very well in terms of "urgency" for my staple WordPress theme and the custom WordPress plugins.
So you have an evergreen product but do multiple "launches" of addons? Interesting.

Part of this question is because of Jason Fladlien.

1. He did the $1 copywriting course. Obviously to build up his list.
2. Within a couple of weeks, he launched an expensive Amazon FBA program.
3. Then within another couple of weeks, he launched a 5-day challenge - the Unity challenge or something like that. Obvious list building.
4. Within a couple of weeks, he launched an expensive affiliate program.
5. Now he's reopened the affiliate thing temporarily after cart close. 

To me, it seems so obvious that he either needs money for a big expense or I'm glad I haven't been on his list before if he pushes this kind of launch schedule--all of this was like within the period of 6 weeks. 

So, I've been thinking through this a little.
I used to be on Jason's list but honestly don't remember his tactics from that time. That could be the reason I'm not on his list anymore though.

I've gotten to where I ignore most launches myself. For me, it's an opportunity to clean up my list of the marketers I'm subscribed to.
Jason is good at selling "multiple" expensive products. His sales strategy is nothing new and previous buyers can count on good quality products, albeit a twist or two during the sales process.

It is the product longevity that is questionable in people's minds that have bought his previous products. Because like you mentioned, frequent product launches of multiple products. It leaves buyers with a feeling of spending a lot of money on a product that does not stand the test of time, i.e. works today - defunct tomorrow?

Thats why my strategy is staple products/updates, i.e. works today - works tomorrow.

There are however affiliates that want a quick buck and do not concern themselves with longevity. They are always on a hunt for opportunity seekers and typically that mindset is here today and gone tomorrow.

Anytime I see a person promoting an opportunist marketer I personally walk away. You see it in the WF a lot, just under a different guise, i.e. Click Funnel Affiliates to name one.
I understand the power of scarcity and the power of looking forward to something big and the FOMO. But it's just hard to imagine a doctor, CPA, hardware store, grocery store, insurance agent, or any "real" business to only be open for 10 days a year. LOL 

Some of the biggest "gurus" always have something you can buy. For example, Ryan Deiss at is always open even though they do sales, launches, etc. Anyone on any given day can go and sign up for DM lab. Yet there are many times when a person can NOT spend money with other gurus such as Frank Kern because nothing is open. 

It's fascinating to watch and wonder. I always get a kick about gurus saying to test everything. I wonder when Frank Kern or some of those guys ever tested an evergreen system? Because they've never publicly had one. So, who knows if they've been missing out on sales. LOL
There's a launch culture with a few cliques. The "culture" often includes reciprocation...I email for you, you email for me. These cliques often have serial product launchers. If you check the top sellers at W+ and JVZ regularly you'll see the same names over and over. It's what they do.

A part of the launch culture is that the scarcity isn't just limited to buyers, but also affiliates because if you don't promote this NOW you will never be able to sell it because either it is no longer for sale or the price has increased so much (usually due to making the launch price look better) that it won't sell at the price.

I don't reciprocate very well and am not a great email marketer. Both of these factors limit me as a vendor. As an affiliate, launches hurt marketers like me where our traffic is to content, maybe a video tutorial on Youtube, etc, where it takes time to drive traffic.

Another issue is as a vendor is lowering prices in the future. People that paid $47 for something and see it for sale later for $19 get upset, so this needs to be considered when coming up with a plan.

For me, I feel the best work around for all three (vendors, buyers, affiliates) is to offer a launch special discount with the regular price still reasonable to attract evergreen affiliate traffic and for the launch offer a special bonus/version that's only available with the launch. That way if you have to lower your prices later don't include the bonus and you can explain the difference in value and pricing. It gives you a legit, ethical "out" while using solid marketing principles.

From a buyer point of view...I don't want or need more video software. I've already built my toolbox. I will buy video related stuff like media or specific training/tips but very likely not video making software. A lot of other IM products are really redundant too. As I posted on another thread about the "point of diminishing returns"...this is where many of us are at now so there's a constant need for many to draw new folks into IM with promises of riches. And I really like PowerPoint and Camtasia 9 for making videos. Wink
Another big trend is bonuses. You have to come up with so many bonuses as an affiliate for launches it's becoming harder and harder to compete. You don't have nearly the same issue with bonuses when promoting evergreen offers.
(06-30-2020, 05:48 AM)Kurt Wrote: [ -> ]Another big trend is bonuses. You have to come up with so many bonuses as an affiliate for launches it's becoming harder and harder to compete. You don't have nearly the same issue with bonuses when promoting evergreen offers.

And every affiliate is competing to make her/his bonuses more attractive than not only all the other affiliates but also the main product.
I don't really have too much to say about this I only launched something once and made about 1200.00.  It wasn't a GURU launch lol
But I gotta tell you I learned early on that evergreen was the way to go. This here web will keep you busy updating. Trying to launch
at the same time as that, I don't think so. Just my 2 cents on that one.