Full Version: What temp do you like?
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What outdoor temp do you like? I like it cooler than most and think 55-60 f is about perfect. I like wearing a light jacket and 55-60 is just right if you are being active outside.

My favorite season depends on where I'm living. Here in the Colorado mountains I love this time of year, which is Spring. Everything is green and colorful with the highest mountains still having snow caps. When I lived in Las Vegas it was October. The weather was good and LV isn't crowded but not dead either. When I lived in SoCal the season didn't matter. Wink

I prefer 0 f com,pared to 100 f, but I hate snow. You don't have to shovel heat.
I prefer hot over cold myself.
Personally, 55 to 60 is my favorite. I hate the heat, cutting grass and muggy dog days. My wife is the complete opposite. 100 in the shade does not bother her at all as long as there is a ocean breeze and I am not complaining about the nearest KFC being an hour away. Big Grin