Full Version: Do you have any tips for being more organized?
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I seem so unorganized. Do you have any tips for keeping everything organized for your business? My top tip is I use One note. I used to use Ever note but I think Onenote is better and it is cheaper. Ever note used to be a lot better but they forgot what they were about.
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I add my most used bookmarks to the browser menu bar. I also use "Favorites" in WIN a lot and have my most used folders in it. I also add any folders of current projects to Favorites which saves a lot of navigating folders and remove them when I'm finished with the project. I'm also really big on adding shortcuts.
Shareware On Sale has a free download of Efficient To Do List going right now. I had a quick look and it appears to be a one year license.
Actually doesn't microsoft windows come with some organizational stuffs?  Seems to me they have a note thingy and also a to do list.
They  must have other stuffs.  I need to look around.

I like Clip Angel a lot. It keeps all sorts of things organized and makes your clip board more useful. Its free.
(07-07-2020, 06:07 PM)Inixtyre Wrote: [ -> ]I like Clip Angel a lot. It keeps all sorts of things organized and makes your clip board more useful. Its free.
I've used Spartan Clipboard Manager for years. It's old and kind of clunky but I'm confortable with it. I think using one is 100% essential for all marketers.
A bit of a mix really, I love Onenote and use it for capturing thoughts and ideas quickly like quick screen captures during webinars, website design ideas. It is also great for clipping and documenting configuration pages and setting before you try and change them. I also make extensive use of Notion creating among other things a kanban style task/todolist,capturing articles I want to read later.
I used to have a local installation of WordPress for recording stuff which is another solution with numerous option 

I think the most important thing though is to take time thinking about what you need to record/save. Resoures like images/swipe files/plr etc. Accounts and service passwords. niche website and working  files etc etc and then come up with a folder structure that works for you and your business. So whether its Onenote notebooks, word,excel,scrivener files or whatever they can all get saved in the appropriate folder rather than pockets of information all over the place. You can also follow through with Browser favourite folders or even Onenote Notebooks and pages for consistancy.
More of a productivity tip than organizational...but I use this page as a timer. It has a couple of timer options and the results display in a browser tab which I find handy.