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Official Pheeds Forum Membership Launch/Grand Opening

The Video VIP is a private part of the Pheeds forum that combines about 10 quality video marketing and making products along with a private forum for video.

Almost all of the products have been sold individually and haven't been created just as worthless "special bonuses".

Nickel Sale: Price goes up 5 cents for every sale. I may change this from time to time if I think it will help our sales.

Starting Price: $18.99

Ending Price: $27.95 (Although I may pause this from time to time .)

Commissions: 50%

Affiliate Platform: Warrior+Plus

Sales Pages and More Info:

You have a choice of two sales pages. Each sales page has more info about all the products included:
"Bottomless" Pheeds Funnel!

There are other products and private memberships in this same offer. And I'll add more in the future. This means if you're an affiliate for one of them you'll make commissions for sale for all the products too.

If you send folks to one of the Video VIP sales pages and they buy anything else from the Pheeds Forum, you'll also get paid for these sales for as long as they have your affiliate cookie.

Other Products from Pheeds Included in the Bottomless Funnel:

    Pheed Me Traffic System
    Kings and Queens of Content VIP Access and Downloads

I'll have special launch nickel sales for these too in the near future to give you even more opportunities.

I Use Raw Links!

I use "raw" links whenever I email or post an offer on social media.

This means I don't use my own affiliate link and if someone already has your Pheeds Forum cookie you'll also get credit for any sales I make later.

Some other product vendors use their own affiliate links for their own products so they overwrite your cookies with theirs. You sent the person to Pheeds so if they hang around we'll continue to share the sales.

Reserved for Updates:
Suggested Email Subject Lines:

    The A - Z Resource for Video Making
    Where Can You Find Really Effective Video Resources?
    Is This the Ultimate Answer To Your Video Needs?
    Death, Videos And Taxes
    Little Known But Great Resource for Video Marketers
    How To Turn Your Video Marketing From Zero To Hero

    Fascinating Video Tools That Can Help Your Business Grow
    Cracking The Video Code
    How To Make Effective Videos On A Tight Budget
    Fast-Track Your Video Making
    DIY Video Resource You May Have Missed
    Discover Extreme Video Making and Marketing

Email Swipe #1

Here's one of the best deals for video marketing I've seen in a long time. It's private section of a interesting new marketing forum and includes all sorts of video tools, tips, tutorials plus music, video and image downloads.

The Pheeds Forum is having a membership drive and has put together this incredible package to help bring  attention to the forum.

It's a nickel sale so the price goes up 5 cents every time someone becomes a member, so you want to get is at the lowest possible price.

The exclusive and private Video VIP area is really geared to the Do-It-Yourself video marketer and focuses on fast, easy, effective and inexpensive resources that will save you time and money.

Check out the Video VIP Membership here:

Low One Time Payment!

BTW...the Pheeds Video VIP membership is just a single payment. No expensive recurring fees or hassles.

The only "catch" is you have to join the Pheeds forum and get all your downloads from there. You don't have to post. They just want you to check it out and hope you do post. That's why they put together this impressive offer for you.

The forum also offers some really cool features like being able to earn free ads for members that participate. It's just getting started by there's already some great stuff there.

So check out the Video VIP membership, I think you'll really like it,

Your Name

PS. Don't forget it's a "nickel sale" during the special membership drive. The sooner you get it the more you save.

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Email Swipe #2

I want to let you know about a new marketing forum. They're just opening and have put together a special VIP membership for video marketers.

They're having a Grand Opening "nickel sale" for their private video VIP membership and the price goes up each time someone buys it. So the sooner you get it the cheaper it is.

Don't worry, the Video VIP is a low one time payment. They put together a huge package of great video tools and resources to help get new members.

The Pheeds Video VIP membership focuses on video marketing and making for the do-it-yourself on a tight budget.

See what I mean and check it out for yourself:

Here's just some of what you're getting:

    Animated PowerPoint Cartoon Backgrounds
    Video Sales letters for over 90 niches.
    An easy and effective video sales letter writing system.
    Unique image collections to make your videos more interesting.
    Royalty free stock music.
    Specialized PowerPoint training for Internet marketers.
    A big variety of animated mascots and characters.
    Video tips, news, questions and answers

If you're into video making and marketing, you need to check the Pheeds Video VIP out.

And if you're not into video yet, you should be, and REALLY need to check it out even more...


Your Name

PS. Remember the price keeps going up and it's at the lowest price now. It truly is an oustanding deal.

Here's some animated GIFs hosted on GIPHY you can use in emails, social media, blog posts...

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