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We all need more traffic. Even better if it's free traffic. So I put put together Pheed Me Traffic. I haven't released this before and it's only available to you through this email. I'll probably launch it soon.

It's a combination of some simple but powerful traffic hacks and it's also kind of a "work book".

There's nothing more to buy, although one tool I recommend has a paid option, but I've included a work-around for it so you don't have to pay anything...

Pheed Me Traffic is a system that uses Google Alerts. But we don't just want updated info. Instead we want to know where there is content related to our niches that we can post comments on.

The report will take you about 15 minutes to read and you'll discover a couple of unique traffic tips in it you can put to use a minute after...

I've also set it up so you can quickly modify a bunch of special Google Alert searches with your own keywords in about a minute. This saves you a lot of time..

The "work" is adding them to Google Alerts. You just copy and paste them into Alerts and let Google find for you the best places to post comments.

Just keep adding alerts when you get a chance and you'll have a marketing machine in no time. This system not only drives traffic directly, but also builds links to your web properties. And you only have to enter an alert one time and it can help you get traffic, links and make money for years in the future.

Included is a potent Quora trick as well as how to get the best results from posting on Reddit as well as some other advice and methods.

There's nothing else to buy and I haven't set up a "funnel". Just a little page with a PayPal button and then a download link.

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Thanks Kurt, one for me to come back to when I've got a Pay Button up and working.
John, York, UK