Full Version: A really good deal for POD clip art
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This looks like a really good deal for print on demand merch. I'm not sure if it's really a "one day sale" or not but you can download all of their art work for $20.

Their license says it's OK to use on things like tees and it isn't easy to find licenses that allow you to do so inexpensively.

My critique is they have a really big variety but the images are pretty simple and probably best for kids designs. Nothing wrong with this and moms buy a lot of stuff for their kids and this is a huge market and there's a lot you can do with simple designs. But these designs may not be best for your market.

For $20 and the license offered this looks like a great deal.
That is the best deal for ClipArt I have seem in a long time. Thanks.
(05-05-2020, 11:00 AM)Jeffery Wrote: [ -> ]That is the best deal for ClipArt I have seem in a long time. Thanks.

I didn't get it because I already paid for a bunch of clipart for POD. It's actually pretty hard to find decent clipart you can sell on printed goods at a workable price. And this site has a really good usage license:
Quote:*** Everyday we release a fresh and new FREE Clip Art Set! Each set is only free for 24 hours afterwards it goes on sale in our shop.Commercial use is allowed for all of our art.  A link to our shop is appreciated but not required.
http://www.DailyArtHub.comTerms of Use: All free and paid clip arts graphics or digital papers may be used for personal and/or commercial use, in the following ways: Classroom Printables, Party Printables; Cards and Invitations; Classroom Crafts; Lesson Plans; Scrapbooking, Photography, Stickers; T-shirt Prints; Vinyl Cutting or Decals; Embroidery and more.Thanks
Daily Art Hub Team 

There may be other terms like having to modify the art in some way (like maybe adding a text message), so probably best to check.

The art isn't the best I've seen but for POD I feel it's the message that matters most and you just add graphics to enhance the message not be the message.

My favorites for POD clipart are: - Use the free version for a few days and they'll start showing a special for something like $67 a month. Best variety and quality with a license for POD.

Design Bundles Plus -

To get the best deal sign up for the 7 day free trial first. Then get the Gold Level Plus membership for a month or two and download image "collections", "sets" and "font duos" to get the most bang for your buck. Collections and sets give you multiple images for a single credit. And font duos are matching fonts which give you two fonts for one credit. PLUS they match each other which helps those of us that are artistically challenged.

They also have some quality mockups and for anyone serious about POD mocks are essential.

I generally like the artwork better at Freepik but DB has good art plus a lot of good fonts for POD design. A good message with good-looking fonts and a simple image can sell a lot of tees and cups.