Full Version: Pheeds Membership Stampede - Pharmers Market and Cow Chips Special
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At the Pheeds Forum you get access to special private forums, free ads, downloads and more just for participating.

For a limited time you get even more "cow chips" for participating
and even more value when getting stuff with chips.

80 chips just to sign up for a new account. If you've been here awhile just PM me saying "80 chips please".

20 chips for every new thread you start. But no junk just to get chips. You help me and I'll help you.

4 chips for every qualifying (30 words or more) reply to a thread you start and a bonus for each character.

You are rewarded here by starting threads that other people reply to. Start a thread in any forum you're a member and not only do you get 20 chips (for a limited time) you also get 4 more for every qualifying reply.

What you can get (for a limited time)

120 chips - One New Thread in the Pharmers Market.

You get 80 chips just for signing up at Pheeds. Start a couple of threads and reply to a few others and you get a free thread in the Pharmers Market.

Here's some ideas for your Pharmers Market threads:
  • Sell Your Product
  • Lets Swap Alibis
  • Post Your YouTube Videos
  • Have a Review with Affiliate Links To A Recommended Product
  • Offer Your Services For Hire
  • Add A Link To Your or a Client's Blog Post
  • Link to a Kick Starter Campaign
  • Highlight Your Favorite Charity Site
  • Promote Your Udemy Course
  • Link to Your Kindle Book
  • Post Links to Your Social Media Accounts to Get More Friends and Followers
  • Help Wanted
  • Build Your Email List
  • Request Honest Reviews for Your Product
  • Announce Your "Unicorn Breeding for Fun and Profit" Product Launch
  • Start an "Affiliates Wanted" thread for your product
  • Add Images and Links to Your Etsy Shop Products
  • I'll Trade You / Let's Barter
  • Will Write For Phood

Please no :
  • Blackhat products (Defined by harming others for your own gain).
  • Sharing anything you don't have a legal or ethical right to share.
  • No bashing or "name and shame".
  • No hate, bigotry, racism, etc.

Keep it PG-13

Also see the rules on this thread, especially the disclaimer you must include:

To Order:
  1. Go Here:

  2. For User enter my forum name:

  3. Enter the amount for your item.

  4. Copy/paste the item name into the "Reason" box.

This will send me a PM and I'll get you set up...

Choose From:

100 Chips - Add a Custom Email Optin Directly in Your Thread
I'll add the HTML an email optin form directly in one of your Pharmers Market threads. It must be from a well-known third party email service that I've heard of.

120 Chips - Access to the Video for Marketing Private Forum (No VIP Downloads)

120 Chips - Access to the Kings and Queens Private Forum (No VIP Downloads)
Go here to Style your thread:

You can use any of the ones I've uploaded...

...or send me 75 chips and I'll add your own custom highlight button. Then 150 cow chips per thread to use it. It will be available for others to use it too.
  • Be cool with it.
  • Sell with it.
  • Brand yourself with it.
  • Be funny with it.

To get yours:
  1. Go Here:

  2. For User enter my forum name:

  3. Enter 75 as the amount for your item.

  4. Copy/paste this into the "Reason" box.
    75 Chips - Your own custom thread highlight banner.

This will send me a PM and I'll get you set the meantime:

Download this image and put something cool on it and I'll add it as a custom banner so you can highlight your threads.

[Image: style-BBQ.png]
Note: This is just for a custom banner to be installed. You will still need to buy a thread highlight for every thread you want to use your custom banner on.