Full Version: What do you like most about IM? (other than money)
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What do you like most about IM?

Give us a specific task/thing you do, not an intangible benefit like "freedom" and other than money.

I probably like brainstorming the most ...

I also like playing around with graphics and graphic programs a lot, even though I not very good with them. I have decent technical skills with digital graphics, but I'm severely "artistically challenged". The coders of some of these programs combine amazing technical and creative talent.
Like you my fav is.. brainstorming. I try to find like minded people that are already experienced with at least basic and sound knowledge of business marketing both online and offline. By like minded I mean I also look for people that are open minded to new ideas as well as improving on old ideas. Those that are stuck in their ways I usually try to avoid.

Bill Gates said somethin like.. New ideas when put to work surprise the marketplace, so good engineering and good business are one in the same.

One other thing I like about IMing is there really are no barriers-to-entry unless one creates them of course. When the road is clear of barriers it makes for a clear road to innovation and fairness.

A personal fav of mine is website design. I'm not a graphics artist or video guy, but I love building websites that are heads above the standard IM one page design.
oh my gosh I love to research and try to find stuff that I can use that is free and very useful for IM.
I have to admit that because sometimes I waste my time doing it like forever!

I have trouble focusing but if I like what I am doing man can I focus.  I really did not realize this
completely until you asked this question believe it or not.

As an artist I love anything that has to do with graphics.  I also really love the idea of making videos
although I need to pull out the video software and start using it.

I am a  loner.  I tried partnering a few times and it never worked out.  I think its because I love
creating so much.  I like creating creating creating.