Full Version: A mini rant against Google
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I got an email from Google recently. Here's the paragraph I have an issue with:
Quote:Additionally, we want to reassure you that Google will continue to pay you according to our terms and conditions. You can read more about our payment cycles in the Help Center (Google AdMob, AdSense, Ad Manager).

So, they're making a promise to keep their obligation? How about they release everyone's money NO MATTER HOW SMALL instead of only paying out when someone has earned $100 or more? Maybe make the minimum $5 instead of $100 so people can get the money they earned?

I've commented on this in the past about wondering how much money owed to affilaites of all kinds that isn't paid because they haven't reached a certain threshold.  Google isn't a big deal to me in this situation, but I have promoted other affiliate programs and earned something like $42 and the minumum to be paid is $50. Google should pay EVERYONE what they owe in these times, not spin how they are going to keep their legal responsibility and that $27.58 may be a big deal to a lot of people even if it isn't to Google.