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Many Internet Marketers sell eBooks as we all know. There are tons of ebooks available as we all know. Some are better than others as we all know. Some are so good that many of us can't wait to get our hands on them as well know. Unfortunately, eBooks sales have been tapering off as we know. So, since we all know these things about eBooks.. what exactly sells an eBook in 2020 compared to 1999, 1998 etc.?

Enter "Ebook to Speech aka Text to Voice"

Ebook to Speech in form of audio is the "new" eBook? Surely nothing "new" to many old-school marketers?

Recently I read a thread on a popular Internet Marketung forum wherein someone asked how to sell their eBook. The original poster said they wrote the eBook, placed it for sale on their website and there were little to no sales. After a few questions I discovered the website actuallly had decent organic traffic as well as decent paid traffic. Digging in a little deeper the traffic was buyer traffic. And there was very little email subscribers. At first glance the website had all the makings of a website that should be converting.

Now, this same thread received all kinds of suggestions from different people with good intentions. Many of those suggestions were people simply reguritating other people's comments. You know what I mean. The original poster was at a loss as to what to do to increase conversions. It appeared that the thread would eventually become one of those threads that lingered and would become full of S P A M M E R S.

So, I sorta kinda stepped in and asked the original poster if I could see the website and make a suggestion or two if warrented. No promises of anything except that I promised to treat the original poster and his business as I would like to be treated myself. The original poster agreed and shared the links to his website and the eBook.

To be honest, the website was a very good site and the eBook was also very good.

I conveyed to the original poster I could make two suggestions that I knew would convert. All I asked is the original poster try my suggestions for two weeks and then report back to the forum the results.

First, I explained the eBook was marketed to the right demgraphic. Alas, the media for todays demographic simply is video and audio instead of the written word. If anything the written word is best kept short and sweet (you know what I mean) and best reserved for the salescopy. Seriously, nothing new to people experienced with actually making sales from their works.

After transcribing the eBook (text) to speech (audio) and offering both the eBook (pdf) and audio (mp3) the conversion was substantial. So much so that it made the eBook a success in it's niche.

One of the great things about text to audio is there are many ways to create additional content for websites as a whole and increase converisons of new works, old works (think PLR) and even future works! Yes future works. W eall know about building suspense and all thet.

During the transition from a lone eBook to eBook and Audio there are a few tools that are needed to make it happen. Here is a site that we used that is cheap enough to get an idea of how easy this can be. Also, you can upload a short PDF (suggest an excerpt from a eBook) free and get that idea:

Also, Kurt spoke to this method here:
Amazon Polly: Text to Speech

Struggling to make that first sale, struggling to increase conversions, struggling to create new content forr your websits, struggling to do it all on the cheap? Not anymore. Idea

Good post Jeffery...I think being able to convert media into different formats is a very valuable skill. Things like speech (audio) to text, text to speech, converting image formats, text ot PDF all offer a ton of opportunities.

For a great free speech to text program I really like Otter.