Full Version: The Hidden Google Ranking Factor That You’re Probably Deleting
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Here's an excellent video that shows an experiment to see if Google has a hidden ranking factor. Plus it seems a few WP "optimization" plugins probably delete this data.

Also note how he built the test sites. This exact same strategy can (and should) be used on other sales platforms like Etsy, Amazon and eBay that have their own internal search engines. I strongly suggest setting up similar product pages for testing ranking factors in those engines.
OK this has got my attention.
Lets all try to help each other Here...
I am now again looking closely at the master tool itself. MassOptimizer
However I use one of the Plugs - ShortPixel So I need to contact support & get best practice tips off them to Keep the Exif data intact.
Thanks Kurt.
Matthew Woodward created the video in my OP and is one of the few SEO folks that I suggest people should follow. He can be a little gray/black hat at times, but he knows how to test things and everyone doing SEO should be aware of various tactics even if they don't use them.

If you're into SEO you really should get on his email list and check out his blog.