Full Version: What are some of your biggest mistakes in IM?
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For me it was early on thinking that everyone with a competing product was an "enemy", when these people should have been thought of as future friends and partner.

I'm not sure it's a "mistake" but a weakness of mine is I don't connect easily with other people and have to work at it. IMO networking maybe the the single most impactful element of marketing (and life in general).

Anything marketing related you'd like a do-over for?
i would say not taking as much action as I should have. Although I spent many years helping a friend of mine.
One thing I am doing now is taking some action and I hope I can get it going on now. My friend passed away
quite a few months ago so i guess it is my own turn.

my biggest question is still after all these years what is that keeps the momentum going? I used to be quite
encouraged by the warrior forum and miss the old days.

But I'm determined

hey kurt could you expand a little on what you mean here: Anything marketing related you'd like a do-over for?
Paralysis of analysis. Chronic!
In 2014, before I knew about autoresponders, I was using Microsoft Outlook and made the mistake of emailing a list with the cc instead of bcc. The list was only 14 people and one person complained.

To this day I feel terrible about it because all of the subscribers were well-known publishers from ZDnet, CNN etc. Luckily, they all had made the same mistake at one time in their careers and pointed me to a solution.