Full Version: Pheeders Traffic
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Did you come here from the Pheeders sales page looking for proof that the Pheeders system drives free traffic?

If so, you're the proof the strategy works by being here and reading this post. The Pheeders system is probably how you got here for the first time.

You were very likely brought to this Pheeds Forum thread because someone sent you to the Pheeders sales page using their affiliate link.

And there's nothing wrong with that. They sent you information about Pheeders and thought you'd be interested in it.

More importantly, you can do the same thing using Pheeders Membership Maker plugin to connect your own free MYBB forum with the WarriorPlus affiliate platform.

Go ahead a look around the Pheeds Forum. You'll see the public parts of the forum. People that get Pheeders Membership Maker plugin will also have access to all sorts of private forums and downloads.

By participating in the Pheeds Forum you earn Cow Chips which let you buy things like posting an ad, special downloads, coupons and more.

Here's a few links to get you going on the Pheeds Forum:

The Pheeds Forum Homepage with 3 public forums and many private forums you can't see unless you're a members:

Pheeders FAST Step by Step Setup in Under 10 Minutes - 4 training videos all less than 10 minutes TOTAL to get you set up and running:

Why a forum instead of a blog?

Go ahead and look around. We really hope you'll stick around and join us and remember you can do this too.