Full Version: Pheeders FAST Step by Step Setup in Under 10 Minutes
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This thread will show you how fast and easy it is to get your first Pheeders membership up and running, starting from scratch.

I didn't record this first video myself, because I don't have Softaculous or Fantasico, but it shows how to install MYBB in under 2 minutes using Softaculous in cPanel. Fantiastico will also install MYBB in about the same amount of time.

If you don't have either of them, it will take about 7-8 minutes extra to install MYBB manually. It's similar but you'll need to create an MYSQL database in cPanel and upload/ftp the forum files yourself.

Note - Be sure to copy/paste and save the following info when creating your forum:
  • Forum Admin Name
  • Admin password
  • Admin email
  • URL to your main forum page

Install Pheeders in MYBB forum


Don't worry about the API key I pasted in the's not real. Smile

WarriorPlus and Pheeders Membership Maker SetUp


Making Memberships With Pheeders

Here's a couple of examples of how I set up private memberships here on Pheeds using Pheeders: