"Turn Melodies into Money"
The Pheed Me A.I. Music Training Guide

Pheed Me A.I. Music is a quick start guide and collection of resources to help you take full advantage of new cutting-edge A.I. advancements for creating your own original music for fun and profit.

You'll Be a Master Maestro of AI Music Making
And You'll Save Lots of Time and Can Make Money Too!

Suno V3 has just been released, taking AI music making to a level never seen before. Now for the first time, anyone with some creativity and a few easy-to-master skills can make their own quality music for fun and profit.

With the included Suno.ai training, tips and suggestions, you'll uncover how to quickly and easily translate your ideas into quality songs using AI. This skill is invaluable for content creators, marketers, and anyone looking to add a personal touch to their content projects.

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Discover Limitless Artistic Inspiration, With Our Unique Collection of Ideas and Resources for Getting the Most Out of Suno

Immerse yourself in a world of innovation through our Suno assortment of tips and tricks. This diverse selection of resources revolutionizes the craft of AI songwriting. This collection ensures a journey, from idea to composition.

Music videos are by far the most popular videos on YouTube. Check out this chart on Statista.com. Notice that ALL the most popular YouTube videos of all-time are music videos.

Included in Pheed Me AI Music is a comprehensive collection of Suno resources atl at your fingertips. You'll find quick and easy access to:


Here's Some Samples of Easy-to-Make Music Videos Using Suno and Resources from Pheed Me AI Music:

These are just a few examples of the variety of music you can create using Suno.ai. These examples are NOT the most popular, which Suno is very good at creating. Rather, these samples demonstrate the wdie array of genres to suit virtually any taste in mucis.

Plus, with Pheed Me AI Music, you'll discover the tools I used to make the video clips for each.


Here's More Music Made Totally With A.I. Along With One of My Favorite Video Tools and It Has a Free 30 Day Full Trial.

Check it out, it's called "The Nudists Have Their Laundry Done Blues".
The lyrics for this song were created ChatGPT (free version will do), the music with another (free) AI music maker and the background image was made with an (free) AI art maker. The visual effects were with my favorite visualizer software. You're getting my quick start training for the visualizer softare so you can get started right way...and it has a FREE fully-functional 30 day trial!

You can do it too!


Uncover A Vast Array of FREE AI Video Tools

music video software

These AI tools make it easy to create videos for your songs. The downside is that they take some time to generate short clips of a few seconds. I recommend opening and using a few of them at the same time, to save time.

HONEST DISCLOSURE: These tools were all free at the time I'm writing this. but I can't control how long they will remain free. I suggest you start NOW to take the best possible advantage of these amazing resources.


ai songs

The Very Best Non-AI Video Editors for Maing Your Own Music Videos

You'll uncover my picks for the best software for creating music videos. They are all either totally free or have generours free trials.

Special Bonus Training - Included is my video training for my two favorite tools for creating interesting video to use with music, that is fast and easy. You'll be able to pump out eye-catching music videos that enhance your music and increase interest.

Note that I am NOT an affiliate for any of the software I recommend and actually bought and paid for the software myself after the free trials expired...because I LIKE and use them. I gain nothing if you use them or not.

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How to Make Ambient Videos – Fun Hobby with Profit Potential

You'll also unearth tips, tricks and secrets for creating ambient videos.

Ambient videos are types of YouTube videos with the purpose of helping people relax, study, sleep and be more productive while working. These videos can be very popular and get tons and tons of views.

However, I suggest you think of this as a hobby...that has some potential to make money. The reason is, ambient videos are "different". While they can be very popular, they are played in the background, so they aren't the main focus for viewers. You just need use a little creative marketing and they can be profitable.

At the very least, they are a great way for you to make atmospheric videos and music that YOU enjoy the most and benefit from.

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There's lots of reasons you should make your own music using A.I., other than it being the most popular kind of videos on the Net BY FAR. Here's a few of them:


You Have Full Creative Controlkeyword
Using the tools and strategies revealed in Pheed Me AI music, YOU own the copyrights to your A.I. music and enjoy the freedom from copyright concerns. You can sit back and relax without worrying if YouTube will give you a strike for copyright violations.

Your Music, Your Moneykeyword
Even better, when YOU own the copyright, you can sell your songs for profit or use them to build an email list. Owning your music opens so much more potential than paying for royalty "free" music or even music in the public domain.

Grow Your Social Circlekeyword
Whether on YouTube, TikTok, or other platforms, sharing your unique tunes can significantly attract more friends and followers, connecting you with like-minded individuals and broadening your social network. Let your A.I. music be the bridge to new connections and opportunities for social marketing.


Add Stunning Video to Your Musickeyword
Discover how to use free A.I. platforms to create your very own custom-made music videos to life, keeping your viewers hooked from start to finish. You'll get access to tons of AI video making resources and quick tips on how to use them. You don't need any special skills or talent. Just enter a few words and let AI do the rest for you.

Empower Education and Enhance Learningkeyword
Equip yourself, kids and students with the tools to craft educational songs that cater to a wide range of subjects and learning levels. Plus, have students to create their own educational learning tools using songs THEY create to maximize their interest and attention.

Experience the Shear Joykeyword
Creating your own AI-generated playlists of your songs offers unmatched fun and satisfaction, whether you share your music or enjoy it as your personal escape. It's a totally unique experience to listen to music that you not only really enjoy, but created it yourself.

Make Musical Memorieskeyword
Craft a custom song for special occasions like birthdays, graduations, promotions and anniversaries, adding a personal touch that enhances any special occasion. Make these special moments mean more with songs you make and customize yourself.

Monetize Your Music Skillskeyword
Offer your A.I. music-making expertise to provide custom soundtracks, tunes and jingles to a diverse clientele and businesses.


And One BIG Reason to Get Pheed Me A.I. Music - Make More Money!

For a very limited time, I'm giving all who get Pheed Me A.I. Music 100% affiliate commissions for their affiliate sales. I feel actual customers are the very best spokespeople for a product. Customers aren't telling other people to do something they haven't already done themselves. And, they can give first-hand insights into the pros (and cons) of products they have purchased themselves.

And telling your folks that you bought and paid for it yourself, is a very strong sales tool.

A HUGE benefit of being an affiliate instead of owning PLR it that I control the  pricing, not everyone else that bought the same PLR. Often with PLR, it's a race to the bottom, with buyers of PLR actively looking for ways to give the PLR away or sell it as cheaply as possible.

With the Pheed Me A.I. Music affiliate program, the price is set so you don't have to compete on price.

The affiliate program is run by WarriorPlus and you do have to be approved by them and follow their terms and use coomon sense, respectful markting strategies.

You don't have to be a customer to become an affiliate, it's just that you will earn a higher commision per sale as a customer.

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There's so many reasons to get Pheed Me A.I. Music, including a variety of money-making opportunties, fun, education and more, you'll be hard pressed to find a better value at such a low price.


The special launch price increases with every sale.
Act now to get the best possible deal!



Immediate download. Nothing more to buy. No upsells. No downsells. No BS.




Note: The Pheed Me A.I. Music report focuses on free resources and free trials and makes a total commitment to minimize your expenses. I am NOT an affiliate for any of the tools mentioned in the report. Any suggested software, I paid for myself. These prices for these resources are out of my control and may change without notice.

You can bet the longer you wait, the cost of many of these resources won't remain free and your competion will only increase. Now is the best time for you to get started.


Thanks for your time and take care,
Kurt Melvin



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