Discover how you can make art like this too, even if you aren't artistic.

How to Make Breathtaking, Original Art that You Own for Fun and Profit

As you scroll through this page, all the images were created by me using an artificial intelligence art maker called MidJourney.

I am severely "artistically challenged". I can't draw a straight line. I'm color challenged. But not only did I make all of these images, I own them.

And you can too. I'll show you how.

Making and owning artwork means lots of opportunities for you.

Artificial Intelligence Art Generators Are About to Change Everything

MidJourney is an amazing Artificial Intelligence art generator that just opened its doors to everyone for it's beta version.

It empowers you to be able to make spectacular artwork just using text called "prompts".

It would take months, if not years, to master old-fashioned image software like Photoshop to get the results MidJourney can give you in just a few minutes...and that's assuming you have the artistic talent to make spectacular art with Photoshop (or other graphics programs), not to mention the cost of graphic software.

A Picture Really is Worth 1000 Words

Here's an example, for this page you're reading now, I wanted some art that was about art. So I instructed MidJourney to create a pic of a steampunk artist loft. I told it to make the pic colorful and add brushes and paint.

These are just 4 of the results MJ gave me:

Four images of a steampunk artist loft created by MidJourney

These images never existed until MJ made the for me. They are unique and original...and I own them.

However, MidJourney can be a little confusing at first, as it uses a Discord "chatroom" for you to send your message to the MidJourney Bot. Your MidJourney Quick Start and Cheat Sheet will make things much faster and easier for you, and eliminate a few of the hoops you would have to jump through without it.

The good news is, you only need to learn the fundamentals ONCE. And it isn't hard or complicated, especially with all the help you'll get from your MidJourney Quick Start and Cheat Sheet.

Take the Fast Track with Your MidJourney Quick Start and Cheat Sheet

You'll be smarter and faster with this quick-start guide to MidJourney. I'll show you how to get started with the basics, so you can focus on making your own cool, unique art.

I told MidJourney I wanted a picture of a futuristic train on the fast track and this is one of the images it gave me.

The Biggest, Boldest and Baddest Collection of Prompt Ideas ANYWHERE

The key to generating AI art with MidJourney, or any AI art maker, is knowing what to tell it. Your MidJourney Quick Start and Cheat Sheet has the most valuable and varied collection of ideas for prompts you'll find...and they are readily available at your finger tips.

You'll discover a vast assortment of lists sure to jump-start your creative powers:

  • Famous Artists
  • Art Styles and Movements
  • Camera Lenses and Views
  • Lighting Options
  • Photography Styles
  • Materials
  • Metals
  • Fabrics
  • Fog & Mist
  • And MANY more ideas!
Just copy/past the ideas into your prompts to create stunning artwork and graphics that is limited only by your imagination.

And you can use most of these suggestions with many of the other AI art tools.

Here's an Interesting Style That's Easy to Master

Something like this can be done for a variety of niches. Offer then as free printable downloads to build email lists or create posters you can sell using print on demand services.

4 images I made with MidJourney of Da Vinci technical drawing the "Robbie the Robot".

A Different Kind of Vegan Diet

Did you know the original version of the movie Little Shop of Horrors is in the Public Domain?

An image I made with MidJourney of character based on the film Little Shop of Horrors.

NOW is the Time! Be a Trend Setter and Get in on the Ground Floor.

Why be a follower when you can lead? AI artwork isn't a trend or a fad. It's a MOVEMENT.

Here's the deal...if you don't utilize AI artwork now, your competition surely will in the very near future. Get an edge while you can.

A fantasy image I made with MidJourney based on Meteora monasteries in Greece.

Warning: Making Art with Midjourney Is So Fun It Can Be Addictive!

Saves You Time, Headaches and Hassles. Your Resources Are All in Conveniently Gathered in One Place.

You could spend weeks, like I did, researching and collecting all of the resources included in your MidJourney Quick Start and Cheat Sheet. You're much better off being productive.

4 images I made with MidJourney of inside a magical item classroom with fantasy potions.

Here's a photorealistic image of a steampunk Delorean.

Unique Graphics for Business

Create original artwork that you can LEGALLY resell. Everything from web page templates and WordPress themes, flyers, brochures, post cards, invitations, posters and many more.

Marilyn Monroe is Also in the Public Domain

An image I made with MidJourney of Marilyn Monroe as a princess outside a castle, Disney cartoon style.

Let Images Tell a Story
You've just discovered that thr MidJourney Quick Start is your treasure map to a gold mine of opportunity.

It promises a short cut to the legendary gold mine, so you take the secret path.

And as your reward, you get the gold and they got the shaft.

Original Images Help Your SEO

Google likes original images, not only for the image search engine, but also as part of webpage content. With MidJourney AI you can be sure that your graphics are truly original and unique to your pages.

Plus, people will love your site's artwork too.

My version of dogs playing poker using MidJourney.

Your Own Print on Demand Products
With a paid MidJourney membership (starting at just $10 a month, cancel any time), you get ownership rights to your creations. You'll be able to create awesome original artwork you can use to create your own products like tee shirts, mugs, calendars...and literally 100s more types of products.

Tip: Be sure to join the Kings and Queens of Content VIP to get access to heaps of valuable info, tips and resources for creating your own products using Print on Demand services. See below for details.

Jazz Up Your Videos

Artwork created with MidJourney is the perfect way to create colorful and unique images to add flavor and variety to your videos...and your thumbnails too.

An image I made with MidJourney of a film noir jazz club with a beautiful ginger woman in a red dress.

Be a Logo-Making Machine

MidJourney can create unique logos for just about any business. Make them for yourself or sell them to customers.

Create Custom Memes for Social Media Branding

Just add quotes, jokes, facts along with your domain name watermark to make cool, great-looking memes to promote your brand.

Path to an ancient enchanted fantasy forest.

Quick, Easy and Original Banners and Headers


Illustrations and Covers for Books and Reports

Do you write books for Kindle, ebooks, PDF reports?

Why not add some custom illustrations? You can create all sorts of images for your books like comic book art, pencil sketches, old-fashioned diagrams and many more. You can even create "low content" publications like coloring books, journals and more, all using original artwork YOU created and own.

An image I made with MidJourney of the Mad Hatter's work bench and top hat.

The Future is Now with MidJourney's "Copy and Paste" Cutting Edge Art

You can literally copy and paste text prompts to get eye-catching works of art.

Need an image of a panda riding a skateboard in Times Square?

Don't Be Stuck in the Stone Age (Unless you want to be)

Inside a modern stone age house, cartoon style.

How About Vertical Ads?

Use them for your own ads, reports, downloadable and even sell them to clients. How about something like the images below for a cover for Asia recipes or Chinese alternative remedies?

2 images I made with MidJourney of a 3D map of a lost Buddhist city made of jade. I bet you can do better.

  • A (free) Discord account is needed to use MidJourney.
  • MidJourney has a free trial that will give you "about" 25 images with a "must attribute" license. Paid plans start at just $10 a month and you don't need to include attribution. The $10 plan will let you create approx. 200 images, although you will probably actually get about 50 usable images by "upscaling" certain images. For $30 a month, they offer ways to get "unlimited" images.

    MidJourney also has easy, no BS upgrading, downgrading and canceling your subscription, so you're not locked into anything long-term and can use it as needed.
  • Your MidJourney Quick Start and Cheat Sheet is in HTML format. Just download and unzip it, then open it in your favorite web  browser. This saves you the hassle of messing with passwords and user names. Plus you'll always have a copy, even if I don't pay my hosting bill. :)

Important Note: If you get just the MidJourney Quick Start and Cheat Sheet you'll get immediate access.

If you also get access to the Kings and Queens of Content VIP, give me a little time to get you set up. I'm usually really fast if I'm not asleep, but give me about a day to get back to you.

The Ultimate Content Creation Collection

I highly recommend you also join the special Kings and Queens of Content and Product Creation private VIP forum from

You won't find more ideas, strategies, tips and secrets for creating content and your own products anywhere. I also include even more tips and resources for AI and MidJourney.

Fantasy 1880 Workshop for Making Content

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The MidJourney Quick Start and Cheat Sheet

Quick Start to Generating and Creating Prompts

The BIGGEST List of Prompt Ideas
  • Famous Artists
  • Art Styles
  • Lighting
  • Details
  • Materials
  • Metals
  • Gemstones
  • More Ideas:
...and more.

Links to things like:
  • List of mythological places
  • List of legendary creatures
  • Most Spiritual Places In The World To Travel
  • Types of Scenes You Can Use in AI Art
...and more.

An Special Invitation to the EXCLUSIVE  Pheed Discord for MidJourney.

You're invited to join a special Discord community for a small group of like-minded folks to discus how AI art can benefit online business people

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  • News and updates
  • Most Helpful YouTube Videos
  • Easy Advanced Prompts
  • Links to Essential Resources
  • Help, ideas and suggestions

Save time.

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Save headaches.

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Have more fun.

The MidJourney Quick Start and Cheat Sheet

An special i
nvitation to the EXCLUSIVE Pheeds Discord for MidJourney.

Plus here's just some of the stuff Kings and Queens of Content VIPs get:

Extra Tips for Making Money Using AI Artwork

Public Domain Printshop - Reg. $17.95
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The Meme Machine - Reg. $14.95
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A custom RSS reader I've pre-stocked with a huge variety of constantly updating information from the best sources on the Net.

POD Treasure Maps - Reg. $17.95
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Plus lots and lots more unique content creation ideas and tips you can't find anywhere else.

Private Membership Forum Topics:

✔️  A possible POD Goldmine. I discovered this resource by accident and now I have all sorts of stuff I can legally use to create piles of print on demand products like tee shirts, mugs and more. It isn't easy finding graphics that give you permission to use on printable products.

Content templates - Links to heaps of free templates, including:
  • Articles Templates
  • Kindle Books Templates
  • Press Releases Templates
  • Sales Letters Templates
  • Landing Pages Templates
  • ...and more.

✔️  Why domain names are great for creating products

✔️  Finding free GPL apps and scripts that you can sell as your own products

✔️  GIFs are content too.

✔️  Hobbies, Collectibles and Activity Niche Ideas - A huge list of niches people love to spend money on.

✔️  How To Write an Honest Review About Something You’ve Never Bought.

✔️  How to Increase Facebook Engagement with Humor and Cool Stuff

✔️  How to sell content on Amazon and eBay

✔️  Ideas for adding value and standing out from the competition

✔️  Ideas for creating products for memberships using Public Domain content

✔️  Ideas for different types of content - Creating content isn't only about writing articles. Here's a big list of over 75 different types of content you can make.

✔️  Big List of Parasite Sites - Parasites are web sites that Google tends to rank highly AND you can create an account with to post your content and get links.

✔️  Lots of Web 2.0 sites - Similar to Parasites, but without the authority, these are free sites for your content.

✔️  Quizzes are content too

✔️  Real vs Perceived Value and Product Creation

✔️  Social/Facebook Branding with Custom Animated GIFs - Here's a cheezy but easy and effective method I use to brand myself on social media.

✔️  Spreading your content using syndication and IFTTT - Explode your reach on the Net using IFTTT to spread your content on auto-pilot.

✔️  Tent Poling and the Backwards Press Release - Why most press release advice is "backwards".

✔️  Twitter Research and Traffic Tip - An easy and effective way for you to research content, as well as engage and drive traffic.

✔️  Using content and expired domains and Web 2.0s to expand your reach across the web

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