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SAMPA, for Speech Assessment Methods Phonetic Alphabet, is a computer-readable phonetic script using 7-bit printable " title="ASCII">ASCII characters, based on the " title="International Phonetic Alphabet">International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).

It was originally developed in the late 1980s for six European languages by the " title="European Community">EEC " title="ESPRIT">ESPRIT information technology research and development program. As many symbols as possible have been taken over from the IPA; where this is not possible, other signs that are available are used, e.g. [@] for " title="Schwa">schwa, [2] for the vowel sound found in French deux and [9] for the vowel sound found in French neuf.

Today, officially, SAMPA has been developed for all the sounds of the following languages:

The characters ["s{mpA:] represent the pronunciation of the name SAMPA in English. Like IPA, SAMPA is usually enclosed in square " title="Bracket">bracketss or " title="Solidus">slasheses, which are not part of the alphabet proper and merely signify that it is phonetic and not regular text.

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