1909 in music

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Published songs

  • "Ace In The Hole" w.m. George D. Mitchell & James E. Dempsey
  • "And Now Assemble" w. Adrian Ross m. Leo Fall
  • "Beautiful Eyes, Beautiful Lies" w. George Whiting & Carter De Haven m. Ted Snyder
  • "A Birthday" by Christina Rossetti
  • "Boiled Beef And Carrots" w.m. Charles Collins & Fred Murray
  • "By The Light Of The Silvery Moon" w. Edward Madden m. Gus Edwards
  • "Carrie (Carrie Marry Harry)" w. Juni McCree m. Albert von Tilzer
  • "Casey Jones" w. T. Lawrence Seibert m. Eddie Newton
  • "Chewska" w. Adrian Ross m. Leo Fall
  • "Christmas-Time Seems Years And Years Away" w.m. Irving Berlin & Ted Snyder
  • "The Cubanola Glide" w. Vincent P. Bryan m. Harry Von Tilzer
  • "The Dollar Princesses" w. Adrian Ross m. Leo Fall
  • "Dublin Daisies" m. Percy Wenrich
  • "Fickle Fortune" w. Arthur Wimperis m. Lionel Monckton & Howard Talbot
  • "For You Alone" w. P. J. O'Reilly m. Henry E. Geehl
  • "From The Land Of The Sky Blue Water" w. Nelle Richmond Eberhart m. Charles Wakefield Cadman
  • "The Garden of Roses" by J.E. Dempsey
  • "Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly?" w.m. C. W. Murphy, Will Letters, John Charles Moore & William C. McKenna
  • "Heaven Will Protect The Working Girl" w. Edgar Smith m. A. Baldwin Sloane
  • "How Do You Do?" w. Adrian Ross m. Leo Fall
  • "I Just Came Back To Say Good Bye" w.m. Irving Berlin
  • "I Love My Wife, But Oh, You Kid" w.m. Harry Armstrong & Billy Clark
  • "I Wish That You Was My Gal, Molly" w.m. Irving Berlin & Ted Snyder
  • "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now" w. Will M. Hough & Frank R. Adams m. Joseph E. Howard & Harold Orlob
  • "If The Wind Had Only Blown The Other Way" w.m. Edna Williams & Bessie Wynn
  • "I'm A Member Of The Midnight Crew" w. William Jerome m. Jean Schwartz
  • "I'm Awfully Glad I Met You" w. Jack Drislane m. George W. Meyer
  • "I'm Glad I'm A Boy/ I'm Glad I'm A Girl" w.m. Nora Bayes & Jack Norworth
  • "I'm Going To Do What I Please" w. Alfred Bryan m. Ted Snyder
  • "I've Got A Pain In My Sawdust" w. Henry Edward Warner m. Herman Avery Wade
  • "I've Got Rings On My Fingers" w. R. P. Weston & F. J. Barnes m. Maurice Scott
  • "Let's All Go Down The Strand" w.m. Harry Castling & C. W. Murphy
  • "Let's Go Into A Picture Show" w.m. Junie McCree & Albert von Tilzer
  • "The Letter Song" w. Stanislaus Stange m. Oscar Straus
  • "Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland" w. Beth Slater Whitson m. Leo Friedman
  • "Moonstruck" w.m. Lionel Monckton
  • "Moving Day In Jungle Town" w. A. Seymour Brown m. Nat D. Ayer
  • "My Cousin Caruso" w. Edward Madden m. Gus Edwards
  • "My Hero" w. (Eng) Stanislaus Stange (Ger) Rudolf Bernauer & Leopold Jacobson m. Oscar Straus
  • "My Motter" w. Arthur Wimperis m. Howard Talbot
  • "My Pony Boy" w. Bobby Health m. Charles O'Donnell
  • "My Southern Rose" by Earl Taylor
  • "My Wife's Gone To The Country" w. George Whiting & Irving Berlin m. Ted Snyder
  • "Next To Your Mother Who Do You Love" w. Irving Berlin m. Ted Snyder
  • "No One Could Do It Like My Father" w.m. Irving Berlin & Ted Snyder
  • "Nobody Knows Nobody Cares" w.m. Charles K. Harris
  • "Oh! You Candy Kid" w.m. Bob Adams & John Golden
  • "Oh, What I Know About You" Irving Berlin, Joseph H. McKeon, Harry M. Piano, W. Raymond Walker
  • "On Wisconsin" w. Carl Beck m. W. T. Purdy
  • "Only a Dream of You" w. Carol Loveland m. Harry J. Lincoln
  • "Our Farm" Caryll & Monckton
  • "Pork And Beans" m. Theron C. Bennett
  • "Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet" w. Stanley Murphy m. Percy Wenrich
  • "Rainbow" w. Alfred Bryan m. Percy Wenrich
  • "Sadie Salome Go Home" w.m. Irving Berlin & Edgar Leslie
  • "She Was A Dear Little Girl" w. Irving Berlin m. Ted Snyder
  • "Ship Ahoy!" w.m. A. J. Mills & Bennett Scott
  • "Stop That Rag (Keep On Playing, Honey)" Irving Berlin, Ted Snyder
  • "Temptation Rag" m. Henry Lodge
  • "That Mesmerizing Mendelssohn Tune" w.m. Irving Berlin
  • "That's A Plenty" w. Henry Creamer m. Bert A. Williams
  • "When I Dream In The Gloaming Of You" w.m. Herbert Ingraham
  • "When You First Kissed The Last Girl You Loved" w. Will M. Hough & Frank R. Adams m. Joseph E. Howard
  • "Where My Caravan Has Rested" w. Edward Teschemacher m. Herman Lohr
  • "The Whiffenpoof Song" w. Meade Minnigerode & George S. Pomeroy m. Tod B. Galloway
  • "The White Wash Man" w. William Jerome m. Jean Schwartz
  • "Wild Cherries (Coony, Spoony Rag)" Irving Berlin, Ted Snyder
  • "Yiddle On Your Fiddle" w.m. Irving Berlin
  • "You Taught Me How To Love You Now Teach Me To Forget" w. Jack Drislane & Alfred Bryan m. George W. Meyer

Musical theater

  • The Chocolate Soldier Broadway production
  • The Dollar Princess London production
  • The Dollar Princess Broadway production
  • Der Gráf Von Luxemburg (The Count Of Luxembourg) Vienna production
  • The Midnight Sons Broadway production
  • Our Miss Gibbs London production




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