1900 in music

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Published popular music

  • "Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder" w.m. Fred Fisher, Arthur Gillespie & Herbert Dillea
  • "The Blue And The Gray" w.m. Paul Dresser
  • "Bridge Of Sighs" w.m. James Thornton
  • "Calligan - Call Again!" w.m. Herbert Rutter & Harry Lauder
  • "Calling To Her Boy Just Once Again" w.m. Paul Dresser
  • "Creole Belles" w. George Sidney m. J. Bodewalt Lampe
  • "The Duchess Of Central Park" w. J. Cheaver Goodwin m. Maurice Levi
  • "Eyes Of Blue" m. Andrew Mack
  • "The Fatal Rose of Red" - Fred Helf
  • "The Flight Of The Bumble Bee" m. N. Rimsky-Korsakov
  • "A Flower From The Garden Of Life" w.m. Thurland Chattaway
  • "For Old Time's Sake" w.m. Charles K. Harris
  • "The Gladiators' Entry" m. Julius Fucik
  • "Hail To The Spirit Of Liberty" w.m. John Philip Sousa
  • "Hunky Dory" m. Abe Holzmann
  • "I Can't Tell Why I Love You But I Do" w. Will D. Cobb m. Gus Edwards
  • "I Love You, Ma Cherie" w.m. Paul Rubens
  • "I Must Have Been A-Dreamin' " w.m. Bob Cole
  • "I Need The Money" w.m. Raymond A. Browne
  • "In The House Of Too Much Trouble" w.m. Will A. Heelan & J. Fred Helf
  • "I've A Longing In My Heart For You Louise" w.m. Charles K. Harris
  • "Just Because She Made Dem Goo-Goo Eyes" w.m. John Queen & Hughie Cannon
  • "Lift Ev'ry Voice And Sing" w. James Weldon Johnsonm. J. Rosamond Johnson
  • "Little Tommy Murphy" w. Matthew Woodward m. Andrew Mack
  • "A Love-Lorn Lily" w. Louis Harrison & George V. Hobart m. A. B. Sloane
  • "Ma Blushin' Rosie" w. Edgar Smith m. John Stromberg
  • "Midnight Fire-Alarm" - H.J. Lincoln
  • "My Charcoal Charmer" w. Will D. Cobb m. Gus Edwards
  • "My Drowsy Babe" w. George Totten Smith m. George A. Nichols
  • "My Sunflower Sue" w. Walter H. Ford m. John W. Bratton
  • "Nothing Doing" w. Edgar Smith m. John Stromberg
  • "Off To Philadelphia" w. Gordon Temple m. Walter B. Haynes
  • "Oh! Wouldn't That Jar You?" w.m. Will D. Cobb
  • "The Old Flag Never Touched The Ground" w.m. James Weldon Johnson & J. Rosamond Johnson
  • "Song Of The Flea" Goethe & Moussorgsky
  • "Strike Up the Band - Here Comes a Sailor" w. Andrew B. Sterling m. Charles B. Warn
  • "The Tale Of The Kangaroo" w. Frank Pixley m. Gustave Luders
  • "Tell Me Pretty Maiden" w. Owen Hall m. Leslie Stuart
  • "That Old Sunny Window" w.m. Shelley
  • "There Are Two Sides To A Story" w.m. Will A. Heelan & J. Fred Helf
  • "Violets" w. Julian Fane m. Ellen Wright
  • "Wait" w. Charles Horwitz m. Frederick W. Bowers
  • "When Reuben Comes To Town" w. J. Cheever Goodwin m. Maurice Levi
  • "When The Birds Go North Again" w. Robert F. Roden m. Max S. Witt
  • "When The Harvest Days Are Over, Jessie Dear" w. Howard Graham m. Harry Von Tilzer
  • "Who Threw The Overalls In Mrs Murphy's Chowder?" w.m. George L. Giefer
  • "You Never Miss The Water Till The Well Runs Dry" w.m. Rowland Howard

Top hits on record

  • "American Patrol" Sousa's Band
  • "A Bird In A Gilded Cage" Harry Macdonough
  • "Doan Ye Cry, Mah Honey" S. H. Dudley
  • "The Duchess Of Central Park" Harry Macdonough
  • "For Old Time's Sake" Will F. Denny
  • "Just Because She Made Dem Goo-Goo Eyes" Dan W. Quinn
  • "Lead, Kindly Light" Haydn Quartette
  • "A Love-Lorn Lily" Harry Macdonough
  • "Ma Blushin' Rosie" Albert C. Campbell
  • "My Sunflower Sue" Arthur Collins with The Metropolitan Orchestra
  • "O! That We Two Were Maying" Harry Macdonough & Florence Hayward
  • "Strike Up the Band - Here Comes A Sailor" Dan W. Quinn
  • "Tell Me Pretty Maiden" Lyric Theatre Chorus p. Paul Rubens
  • "When Reuben Comes To Town" Dan W. Quinn
  • "When You Were Sweet Sixteen" Jere Mahoney
  • "Where The Sweet Magnolias Grow" Haydn Quartette

Musical theater



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