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Each pheed below takes the best articles from a subject, and rotates them, to give you a wide variety of interesting articles.
Food Pheed! - A tasty tour of culinary pages. Discover the history of beer, cuisines from around the world, and plenty of savory recipes.
[Rotates Daily]
The List Pheed: Volume ! - Daily doses of lists from a vast array of topics...Including lists of diseases, music, actors, female tennis players. Truly wild, weird, wacky and interesting stuff.
[Rotates Daily]
The List Pheed: Volume II - More Editor's choice selections from our big "list of lists". Subscribe to both and get double the info.
[Rotates Daily]
The Today Pheed - Examines the people, events, history and births and deaths for each day of the year.
[Rotates Daily]
Legends, Myths, Oddities and Hoaxes - From lost islands and cities, to dragons, ESP, UFO's and mythical beasts and people.
[Rotates Daily]
Daily Dose of Rock and Roll - A great mix of articles about your favorite "old school" rock bands from the '60's, 70's and 80's like the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Devo and more.
[Rotates Daily]
Alternative Health - Discover the truth and secrets about tradional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, food therapy and more.
[Rotates Twice a Week]
Animals From A to Z - Delve into the world of wildlife, past and present with this hand-picked selection of articles.
[Rotates Daily]
Sci Fi - Take a cyber tour of science fiction in movies, TV and literature, with features about Star Trek trivia, biographies of your favorite sci-fi authors and more.
[Rotates Twice a Week]
Academy Award Nominated Movies and Producers - Take a stroll down memory lane with this look back on movies and film makers nominated for Best Picture.
[Rotates Daily]
#2 Academy Award Nominated Movies and Producers- More Academy Award Movies and Producers...There's just too many great articles for one pheed.
[Rotates Daily]
The Encyclopedia of Sports - Heros and goats, champs and chumps, here's a nostalgic look at the sporting events and athletes that have shaped the world of sports.
[Rotates Daily]

Pheeds.com uses the great info at Wikipedia, and converts the articles to RSS pheeds. All articles are "copyleft". Also, pheeds.com is proud to announce our information search engine which also generates an RSS pheed.

By generating RSS pheeds based on your search keywords, pheeds.com can produce millions of pheeds from these results for your syndication pleasure.

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